Simple Pre-Built Websites For Your

Wellness Business

We have designed a one-click installation for your entire website. Just pick your hosting package, domain, theme, and then you are done! Designed specifically for wellness business solopreneurs.

 Step 1

Choose Your Pre-Built Template

Choose from any of our available templates below. We give you some examples of possible professions that the template would suit, but you can choose ANY template. You have the ability to fully customize the layout, pictures, and text. If you need help modifying your website, send up a message in the contact form below and we will provide support! 

General Practitioner

Template 1

Healing Arts Practitioner

Template 1



Template 1


Template 1


Template 2


Template 1


Template 2


Template 1


Template 2

Life Coach

Template 1

Personal Trainer

Template 1


Template 1

Step 2

Claim your domain name

Your domain name should be clear to your customers, yet short enough they can remember it. For example, describes your company, but customers may not remember it because it is too long and easy to misspell. Choose short, clear names that area easy to remember. If you don’t want to decide on a domain name now, choose your plan below and you can add a domain name later. 

.ca $19.00/yr CAD

.com $14.00/yr CAD

.net $18.00/yr

.biz $23.00/yr

.info $21.00/yr

.org $16.00/yr

Step 3

website plans & pricing

All of our plans come with a website already built for you! The plans below offer different features, such as emails for your business or support. Want to try our website for free for 90 days? We also offer a Getting Started plan, which will allow you to install your website on a subdomain to get started with you commitment!  


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions asked by our customers.

I like a different template, but it isn't the same type of business.

No problem!  Each template is built to give you ideas, but you can easily change it.  Change the words and change the pictures and watch your new website take shape customized for your business.

Can I customize my website?

Definately!  Every website we build can be customized by you or your web designer.  We even have packages you can buy and we will help you wish customizations.

Can I install booking software on my website?

Yes, you are able to install links to your booking software.  Typically, a user would purchase a subscription to a booking software and then install the link to it on their website. You are welcome to do this.

Do I own my website?

Initially, your website must be hosted on Wellness Link in order to function properly. However, customers are able to pay a service fee take their website to another host. We will package your website for you and you can download it and give to your web designer or to another host.

How does Google and search engines find my website?

This is called “Search Engine Optimization”, or SEO for short. This is a complicated area of websites, but we provide a simple version.  Every search engine is slightly different in their algorythms.  Most rely on a combination of content and time. 

“Content” means how good is the words you use on your website. For example, if you want to be a massage therapist in Regina, you should use those words often so that the search engines know this is what you want people to find.

“Time” refers to growing your audience over time.  SEO is complicated and it takes time to tweak settings so that search engines can find you properly.  From the time you publish your website, it can easily be 3-6 months.

There is no way to push your listing to the top of the search engines, other than paid advertising.

How do I build the website?

Here on Wellness Link, you will always choose your customized website.  It will be pre-built for you. You can always change it as much as you wish to customize it.

Why do I need a website?

Your customers need a way to find you. One of the most common ways is to have a website that shows your location, about you, what you offer and so much more.

Can I add a blog?

Your WordPress site has full capability to add a blog.

Can I sell products?

This is a WordPress site, so you are able to add functionality that works with WordPress. Depending on your package, you may need to upgrade to BUSINESS or PREMIER package in order to do so.

Can I install Google Analytics?

In each WordPress site, you can add your Google Analytics Tracking number which allows it to track your statistics.